Tuesday, November 16, 2004



In the lane of memory
The faces having name
Refresh the moments of being together
In the years that gone into past.

The time has erased
Some scratches from mind,
Still the pain of bitterness
And the joy of happiness
Overtakes thoughts of the past
In the encounters with truth.

Moments that taught
The basics of life
Are scripted in heart
Guides the soul to peace.

To think and decide
The better from the bests
Is the gift of the past
To survive in the future.

Thoughts that links
Forms the chain of thought,
To pull the events
To the desired direction
And fulfil the dreams
As the tangible reality.

The begining to the end
As per the wishes of mind
Can be conceived and contained
Through the thought thats links.

In a friendly environment
By winning the hearts of many,
Unites the minds to achieve
The goal that visible in front
With all might and power
Without panic and hiccups.

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Sometimes with You...

In dew ? In dust ? In all ?
Are Your presence is Omni ?
Is it from the Begining ?
Or is it for the Moment...
The moment in which live ?

Sometimes I am in search of You
Sometimes I am in found of You
Sometimes I am afraid of You
Sometimes I feel presence of You

Sometimes I believe in You
Sometimes I cry for You
Sometimes I beseech to You
Sometimes I realise You

Sometimes I feel You are far from me
Sometimes I feel You are near to me
Sometimes I feel You are with me
Sometimes I feel You are within me

Sometimes I feel You are the Creator
Sometimes I feel You are the Curator
Sometimes I feel You are the Accelerator
Sometimes I feel You are the Spectator
Sometimes I feel You are the Destroyer

Where are You ?
From where you comes ?
And to where you goes ?
Still I don't know...

Does any one know You ?
Does any one realised You ?
Does any one touched You ?
Does any one embraced You ?

I call for You...
When darkness surrounds me
And the ray of hope of light
Is You the only...

Your pleasent apperance in me
Takes the fear out of me...
And nulls the courage in me too
But the silence in me awakes You

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